A workplace outside your comfort zone.

At Warung Pintar, you’ll find new encounters with problems you’ve never faced before. You’ll be encourage to always grow, and to always think of #WhatElseCanWeImprove for better Indonesia.

Our Vision & Mission

Warung Pintar works on transforming Warung in Indonesia for the future economy. Utilizing technology at our core, we’re creating an ecosystem that allows Warung to maximize its potential as a new micro-business Golden Standard in Indonesia.

There are still many people who trade the same way as 50 years ago. We do not disrupt, we revolutionize. Because we might change the way we do things through disruption, but the revolution will create something entirely new.

It’s complicated, but it’s not impossible.

Meet Anak Warung

AnWar stands for Anak Warung, a term which refers to Warung Pintar’s employee. We come to work and ask #WhatElseCanWeImprove to be our best everyday. We don’t work because we need to, but because we want to. We don’t only solve the problems in our company, but we work to solve problems to build a better country.

Here are glimpses of what we do in our daily work life.

What AnWar Says About Warung Pintar

Working at Warung Pintar is a whole new experience for me. There are a lot of problems to be solved, to transform warung in Indonesia. Working at Warung Pintar doesn’t only affect my work life, it affects my whole life. I feel like I have a purpose from doing the things that directly impact a lot of Indonesians’ lives. I’m very grateful to be here, and to work with the talented people of Warung Pintar.


Agung Julisman

VP of Engineering

Working at Warung Pintar really opens my eyes about warung in Indonesia and its challenges. My role here pushes me to do my best everyday, because I know that I can make a great impact for my country, together with the government.


Daniel Giovanni

Corporate & Government Relations Senior

The first time I joined Warung Pintar, honestly I didn’t know the detailed process in this company, but there is one thing that made me choose Warung Pintar as the place to create for me: we have the same vision, “to make an impact for others in the right way.” I choose Warung Pintar as a place for me to learn. Because we have the same mission of making an impact to others in the right way. In here, I was able to experience more than just a project management by, but people management as well and agile process. Come work with us to fully experience it!


Nur Imas Nindy

Associate Product Manager

Why Warung Pintar?

Why WarPin

Fastest Growing Startup

We are listed as one of 7 fast-growing tech companies in Indonesia with other 3 unicorns, under 2 years.

Why WarPin

Agile Framework

We adapt Agile mindset at work, and open to share with you when you’re on board.

Why WarPin

Organization Structure

A new way of working that doesn't rely on corporate hierarchy: but requires every employee to build a self-managed team.

Why WarPin


The leaders are one-type-away if you want to talk to them or throw some crazy ideas.

Why WarPin

A Crucible

Here is where hardest problems are melted, mold, and solved to create better invention for others.

Our Available Positions

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  • Jadi Juragan

Warung Pintar HQ 2

Jl. Lauser No. 28, Gunung,
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 12120

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