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  1. Possess an android phone
  2. Possess real ID Card
  3. Possess a physical warung in acessible area for 2 cars and 1 motorcycle (there's an exception for warung in a small alley in some certain areas*)
  4. Warung in Warung Pintar's distributions areas


  1. Install Warung Pintar Apps from Playstore
  2. Insert your active WhatsApp number
  3. Check your WhatsApp and input OTP code into Warung Pintar Apps
  4. Complete your personal data based on your ID card
  5. Click "Register" and wait for the confirmation
  6. Complete your warung's data to start shopping


  1. Complete your data such as self portrait and ID Card Selfie
  2. Complete Warung's data such as name, locations, and warung's pin point
  3. Attach warung's photos (front and side looks)
  4. Click "Send Data" and wait for the verification process
  5. Congrats! Now you can start shopping!

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"Joining Warung Pintar means ease in supplying goods with affordable price and free delivery service. The turnover is also no joke, from 1.5-2.5 million per day, to be 3-5 million per day. Now, I happened to open 4 other branches."

Pak Jun,

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