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Real Time Dashboard

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Gain In More Numeric Distribution

Increase number of outlet coverage for your products without conflicting with your existing channels.

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Get the market insights, push your product awareness, creates effective campaigns, and boost your retailer loyalty.


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Boost Your Awareness To Retailer With In App Promotion

What Makes Us Different?

Warung Pintar vision is to revolutionize the traditional distribution channel, not disrupting it.

We aim to democratize our technology for every stakeholders in warung business ecosystem. A transparent system to create economy inclusivity for brands, distributors, wholesalers and most importantly warung owners.

Testimony From Brand & Supplier


Reckitt sales increase around 24% from month to month since late 2019. It can be seen from the growth of the monthly transactions in Warung Pintar Application that have increased 10 times over the past year, which is also the result of the steadily increasing internet penetration.



What is Warung Pintar's business model, and how can our brand tap into the network?

Warung Pintar helps the brand reach the retailers in the market in the most efficient and transparent way to maximize the availability and the visibility of the brands at the retailer level.

To reach this objective, every partnership requires a different approach based on their needs which is generally classified into 2 major models:
1. Trading driven model - through personally tailored campaign, Warung Pintar serves the principal in the execution partner from purchasing goods to reaching to the retailers through our network of assets/partner assets. Every trading process is monitored in our tech-enabled ecosystem.

2. Marketplace model - Warung Pintar connects the brand's partner assets in our digital platforms accessed by hundreds of thousands of merchants. Our network create a one-stop solution for retailers that is both seamless ad user-friendly.

To understand further, please schedule a session with Warung Pintar's Business Development team today.

On the retailer front, what is the target retailer Warung Pintar works with today? And where do you exist in today?

Warung Pintar works with any kinds of retailer in the market supplying FMCG. These retailers's challenge is inefficient and mutiple layers of supply chain in the market.We aim to simplify the whole supply chain management for retailers and provide transparent process for all stakeholders in our ecosystem.

As per today, we are based in most tier-1 cities around Indonesia and expanding rapidly. For the future, we aim to partner with all FMCG-related retail formats in the market today.

What is Warung Pintar's engagement model with retailers?

We take a digital first and online to offline engagement secondary approach in onboarding and retaining retailers today. All retailers make orders via our mobile applications, but user's first onboarding, education, engagement and physical delivery are conducted offline. To retain our retailers, we currently combine both online and offline initiatives while constantly innovating.

How does Warung Pintar work with brands on growing into new retailers instead of brand's current retailers?

Warung Pintar's primary objective is to drive long term sustainable trade solving the inefficiencies found between brands and retailers today due to the long fragmented chains. As such, it is to Warung Pintar's long term detriment if we focus primarily on reaching existing stores that the brand already effectively reaches directly today (which are less problematic and less fragmented). As such, as every brand is onboarded, during the onboarding process we provide an industry leading approach, framework and conflict resolution processes that help us setup a win-win partnership with brands that ends up growing their overall business in partnership with us. Reach out to us to schedule a session to learn more!.

How is our brand's / distributor's data managed in Warung Pintar universe, and how can we ensure our competitors are not benefitting from working together with you?

We uphold the data confidentiality on our platform and have strict contractural obligations as well as company security protocols to ensure data is kept confidential to related stakeholders. On our digital platforms, each brand owner's data is segregated from one another. Each brands can only view their own data. Same case applied in the distributor level where each distributor within the platform will not have access to other distributors.

We will take extra steps for bigger strategic accounts by providing deeper secondary level confidentiality. For example, we will assigne different account managers who could erect a 'Chinese wall' of information segregation ( to ensure sensitive proprietary information is not shared between partners.'

Where to reach out?

For partnership, please reach our business development team.

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